Monday, May 2, 2011

My Favorite One of All

To quote a part of my last post, William and Kate's wedding did this: "For at least two to three hours, all of the world had a hope in love and a promise of what is true and good the world..." Here is the picture I think captures this sentiment best.

How happy they look! Look at how the Duke is leaning towards the Duchess, his arm is reaching behind her, obviously on her back. Her hand is on his knee. Cute Honorable Margarita Armstrong-Jones is just pleased as punch. (I'm guessing she's waiting on those jelly beans the photographer promised the children!) And my favorite, my sons' page boy alter egos, Master William Lowther-Pinkerton (so like J mugging for the camera!) and Master Tom Pettifer (like elder son S ever so studdly posing).

I would imagine the newlyweds have this picture displayed prominently in their new home. Quite possibly on an end or bedside table in 8x10 glory.

And I'd bet they smile every time they see it... I do.


  1. I totally LOVE this photo! It's absolutely beautiful. And, just like on Twitter, I award you Miss Janice's '5 Silver Teaspoons' for sharing the Royal Wedding love with your readers! :)

  2. Had not seen that picture! It's so cute! So true about the wedding bringing hope. It was beautiful.

  3. I love this one, too! They all look so relaxed and happy. Quite genuine.


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